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  About Us

Thakur Durg Singh Bhadauriya (5th Oct, 1927-5Oct, 2011) was born in a Royal family “Deewan Sahab Guttor” in a small village Guttor tehseel Mehgan of Bhind [MP] of Bhadawar state. His father’s name was Shri Pratap Singh Bhadauriya who was Deewan Sahab of Bhadawar State and mother’s name Smt Raj Kunwar Bhadauriya a pious and religious lady. In 1952, he left his village and settled in Mehgaon where TDS Academy is situated.
He was multitalented person since childhood. He had been struggling to finish the social evils for whole life. He did never favour of Mratubhoj, child marriage, drinking. He always opposed of over expense unnecessarily in the occasion of marriage, Mratubhoj. He was supporter of child education, widow remarriage for every cast of each class. So he organized village to village committees to finish the social evils in his tenure. He became the first President of Kshatriya Samaj Sudhar Sangh of Mehgoan. He became district Patron as well as State organization minister of Kshatriya Mahasabha Madhya Pradesh. His dream was to every person educated and prosperous in his native. He established a school in 1988 to literate the public of his native.
But in 2004 some energetic and exited youths along Arvind Singh Bhadauriya established in the name of him,the Thakur Durg Singh Academy Higher School. Since then this school has been his reputation in this area.

Physical Infrastructure

Serial No.Room TypeTotal RoomsVacant Rooms
1 Classroom 25 0
2 Computer Lab 1 0
3 Hall 5 0
4 Science lab 1 0
5 Chemistry Lab 1 0
6 Math Lab 1 0
7 Clerical Office 2 0
8 Staff Room 1 0
9 Principal Office 1 0
10 Director Office 1 0